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What We Offer



We proudly offer hunt seat riding lessons 7 days a week. Our USHJA- and PATH-certified trainers are exceptionally experienced and have helped many riders develop stellar horsemanship and exceed their riding goals. From beginner to advanced, every rider at On Course is challenged to their level on our fantastic school horses.


Summer Program

Spend the summer surrounded by horses & ponies! Your kids will exercise their bodies and minds in the exciting and unique environment of a horse stable. They will spend their day in hands-on horse fun, including horseback riding, grazing & grooming, learning horsemanship, and playing mounted & unmounted games. All experience levels are welcome! Ages 5+.


Leasing is a great option for riders who are looking for the benefits of owning a horse without the costs and commitment that come with ownership. Riders can gain invaluable experience by training with one horse, including developing riding skills faster, practicing quality horsemanship, and truly building a team out of the horse and rider. Those who are interested in ownership can also benefit greatly from leasing by testing out the waters of ownership without the full commitment. 



Showing is one of the best ways to develop excellent horsemanship, make friends, and gain valuable, fun riding experience! We host several schooling shows throughout each year, where our riders are invited to compete in a less formal, low-stakes setting. We also offer the opportunity to travel to NIHJA shows with our horses from February through September. Our IEA Team is also a fantastic team showing option for riders of all levels in grades 4-12.

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