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Meet Our Trainers


Val Buesching

Owner & Head Hunt Seat Trainer

Val Buesching began riding when she was 11 years old and jumped right into her competitive career on the NIHJA circuit. Following her passion for horses, she attended the University of Kentucky and earned her bachelor’s degree in equine science.  


Val has since been known for her instinct for matching horses with their riders. She has bestowed solid basics upon all her students while never losing a sense of fun. Val has trained numerous champions on the NIHJA circuit, including medals finalists and winners, and she was voted NIHJA Horseperson of the Year in 2009.  Val's ability to combine hard work with the enjoyment of riding has encouraged and inspired students of all ages, and she has watched several of her students progress to winning at “A” and “AA” rated competitions. 


Bridget Maire

Hunt Seat & Horsemanship Trainer

Bridget Maire has been training with On Course since she was 7 years old, now she joins us as our newest trainer. She teaches in the arena and is the head of our new classroom program. Bridget's goal is to keep students happy, motivated, and having fun all while learning and growing in their riding careers.


Bridget is a Lake Erie College School Of Equine Studies Alum. Her studies were focused on the psychology of teaching both horse and rider as well as managing the facility and business. As part of her cirrocumuli she rode in several classes and many different trainers and clinicians. 

Since Bridget has been with us for so long she knows our heard from both the ground and in the saddle, allowing her to select the most productive and safest pairings between horse and rider. She has been showing on the NIHJA circuit for over 10 years, in that time she has earned multiple trophies and top placing ribbons


Kristi Jarosch

Hunt Seat & Therapeutic Riding Trainer

Kristi Jarosch is a life-long equestrian, combining a long-standing history of quality English equitation with a unique perspective as a PATH-International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. For over fifteen years, Kristi has been an active rider and trainer in multiple disciplines including hunt seat, dressage, and Western pleasure. Not only does Kristi have a long line of students who have successfully competed in a variety of shows including the NIHJA circuit, Special Olympics, and IHSA teams but she has also trained dozens of horses going on to careers with juniors, amateurs, and in high-quality school programs.


In 2004, Kristi joined the St. Mary of the Woods College Zone 9 Region 1 IHSA Hunt Seat and Western teams, completing her Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies in 2008. Uniquely, Kristi brought her self-trained horse, Skating on Thin Ice, with her to college, where he became a regional favorite draw as an exceptionally trained ride. Kristi audits clinics to constantly learn new approaches to teaching and strives to provide all of her students––regardless of ability––the opportunity to develop solid equitation and horsemanship.

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